The Basics of Proper Cigar Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts

Having your first cigar might be devastating, disappointing, and not that exciting as seemed. Well, it is quite a ubiquitous fact, and most of the newbie experience the same. Buying a cigar for pennies and lighting it seems cold and hard during the first try, but when you know the right method, it feels like an expensive and luxury merlot from old times.

Regardless of the fact that cigars are available for different price points and you can easily spend above 50 USD on a single cigar. So, where are you going wrong? Before jumping into the guide, we would share one key fact from 1967 when a man Named Zino Davidoff published an essay. The title was “Zino Davidoff’s Guide to Cigar Etiquette.”

You can easily understand that it was one in kind and still the most popular guide to read. In this essay, you can learn numerous things, but instead of going that far, you can check out Do’s and Don’ts to learn about the right method. If you take the first puff right and get proper smoke, you are still doing fine.

The Basics of Proper Cigar Etiquette

Enjoying a cigar is an art, and following this guide can definitely teach you cigar etiquette. Let’s begin by exploring.

Do’s –

  • Warming the foot part of the cigar is most important before lighting it up. You can do it with the help of lighter and giving it a slight flame. There is no need to do it like a toast; just warm the foot part by a little flame from a distance.
  • Once you have lighted the cigar, remove the band but do it carefully. It should be slightly warm to remove, and it will take less than a minute. Try it gently, don’t apply too much pressure; otherwise, you might break or puncture it.
  • Unlike smoking a cigarette where you take puff after every ten seconds, you can take a time of one minute in each puff. This is the right way to smoke a cigar, and it gives a premium experience. One minute isn’t too much because your cigar isn’t going to stop lighting, and it provides ease also. For self-extinguish, you can inhale a small puff during the first try.
  • The right way to hold a cigar is to keep it between your thumb and index finger. Preferring middle finger and index finger isn’t wrong, but it doesn’t fit well, and it gives a cheap feel. For a novice, index, and middle finger holding seem easier, but once you prefer the new style, you will find it royal and adequate.
  • Smoking a cigar halfway is the right way to smoke, but you can find so many people taking it to the 1/4 part. Leaving a cigar when it is about to reach foot part isn’t the best choice, and the smoke also goes harsh at such times. For the best experience, try to leave it when you reach halfway.

Don’ts –

  • Avoid meal or having anything important till 15 minutes of smoking a cigar. It is not a hard rule, but most of the aficionados also feel the same.
  • To light a cigar, let the flame cover one side of the foot and rotate it. Do not keep the cigar in your mouth and try lighting it. This is possible, but it isn’t the right way to light.
  • Do not light your cigar too slowly or quickly. Go for medium flame and follow the fifteen-second rule. This will allow the foot part to light properly and produce the right flavor.
  • Do not light your cigar if you have smoked it more than halfway, and it is not producing enough smoke anymore. You can light a cigar. You haven’t smoked the quarter section of the same.
  • Do not light the cigar in your hands when you are relighting it. Try keeping it in your mouth.

The Final Verdict

There are many more things into cigar lighting and smoking, but these are the important ones for now. You can try smoking a high-quality cigar using these tips to get a premium experience. Don’t expect too much because it is all about feeling the flavor while sitting with comfort.

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