How to Make Your Own Humidor?

Cigars are classy, tastes impressive, and loved by thousands of people. From lighting cigars on occasions to have a collection of high-quality cigars, it becomes a passion. Storing cigar seems like fun, but it isn’t that simple thing. Unlike Cigarettes that you can keep inside the pack it comes with, you have to stay specific with cigars.

They usually require a temperature and moisture control to prevent the freshness and quality. When it comes to long term storage, Humidor seems like the best choice. It can control temperature, humidity, and a perfect vacuum also. It can help to keep your cigars as it is for the next two weeks. There is a small device that controls temperature and moisture.

However, it is redundant to buy a new Humidor when there are great alternatives available. You can create one for your specific need and eradicate the common problems. Creating it at home might be taking a little time, but it can help in an effective manner. In this guidepost, we are mentioning the easiest method to make your own Humidor.

What do You Need to Begin?

First thing first, prepare yourself and collect all the necessary units which will play its role throughout the entire process. Well, homemade humidors are also called Tupperdor, and this is quite a popular term to find online.

  • A plastic container, specifically a transparent one, to get insider view and ensuring the quality working of the humidor.
  • Plank Spanish Cedar, prefer leftover from old cigar boxes for easier access, or you can get a new one from stores. You can choose the form such as chips, skewers, or any other.
  • Humidity Monitor, try going with a digital unit for easier use and higher accuracy. You can get it from local hardware stores for less than $10.
  • A Reliable Humidity Controller, you can choose a brand that is highly reliable, and most of the aficionados are preferring so far. There is no need to spend too much on controllers, but try getting a reliable one.
  • Cigars! You can get cigars of preference, and you deserve it after such hard work.

Once you have collected all these items, you need to put all of them in the right order, and then you are good to go.

Putting it Together

By following the below mentioned easy to follow six steps, you can make a high-quality humidor that can store cigars for quite a long time. Let’s begin –

  • Start by washing the plastic container because you don’t want to ruin the flavor and freshness of cigars with the nasty smell of plastic. Make sure you go through this process and dry out the plastic wrapper or use a paper towel to get it to work.
  • The cedar plank might be large in size, so you need to cut it out and make it fit inside the box perfectly. Make sure that you put cedar at the base for effective working and keeping your cigars fresh.
  • Add a small tray above the cedar plank so that there is no direct contact of cigars with planks. It will maintain freshness.
  • Now, you need to place the digital humidity monitor at aside and make sure that you keep the display facing upward. Keep it at an angle where you can see the display without opening the box.
  • Add cigars inside and set the humidity required for cigars. You can use a humidity controller or use a damp paper to increase humidity to reach it to 69% level.
  • Everything is done after this step, and you need to pack is tight. Make sure that you seat it effectively and place it inside a dark and cool room to maintain the freshness for a longer time period.

Once you are done following all the steps, you can look forward to creating more humidor if you are a fan of collecting cigars.

So, What’s the Final Verdict?

There is no need for maintaining a specific temperature, but you should try to keep it cool and below 22˚ C for freshness. After a while, you will be master keeping your cigars fresh. Keep it in mind that Tupperdor can work effectively for two weeks most of the time.

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