How to Cut the Perfect Cigar – Follow these Simple Steps?

When it comes to smoke a cigar, most of the novices don’t know how to light it perfectly for a great experience. Usually, people follow the basic method of lighting a cigarette, but you need to be specific and follow an adequate method.  In case you like to smoke or want to get it the right way, then you need to be selective and follow a couple of steps.

We made six easy to follow tips that can lead you toward the right method to cut a cigar perfectly and to light it in an effective manner. No doubt that lighting the head part directly isn’t the best way to get optimal smoke, and it also feels tight and harsh. So, cutting the extra part helps in several manners to give you the best experience.

Below mentioned are essential tips that can help you cut a cigar head perfectly. Let’s have a look –

  1. Hold it Right For A Good Start

There are two sides of a cigar; one is head, and the second is the foot. You light the head part, so when you are going to cut it, you need to hold from the head. Try to go as close as you can, which will provide you better cutting and flawless experience. You have to use guillotine lately, so having a firm grip can enhance the overall experience for sure.

  1. Select Cutting Area Wisely

Cutting the right of the head part isn’t the best choice because you can still find a slight curve at the end. The most effective option is to cut a cigar as near as possible but try to keep a slight distance. You will remove access or debris part, and it will ensure a perfect flow of air through the cigar.

  1. Slide Guillotine

Using a guillotine for the first time seems tricky, but you can master it in a single go. Place it around the cutting area and slide it to cut layer by layer. Now, you can approach using a blade to the cigar and cut it off properly. If you want to use a scissor instead of the guillotine, then this method will also work here, and it can help you take the right angle.

  1. Opt for a Slow Movement

Before closing the blade, you need to ensure that if everything is aligned perfectly. Now, you can close the blade but go for a slow movement to reduce any damage to the cigar. In your first try, you might panic, but this process goes like butter as the blade is extremely sharp. Do not rotate when you are sliding the blade; this can be done directly without any rotation.

  1. Do No Press Hard

Among all the tips, we forget to mention that when you are holding the head part, you should ensure that you don’t press hard. You might end up breaking the cigar in two parts by this method, and it is quite a common problem during the first try of many people. You can hold the extra part tight but avoid applying pressure; it can easily reduce the density of layers.

  1. Light it Up and Enjoy

Once you are done cutting the cigar, you can hold it with your lips and use a lighter to a flame. You deserve to have some puffs now as you did the hard work. Keep it in mind you also follow the right method while flaming it so that you don’t end up wasting too much time lighting it.


Based on the popularity of Cigars, and the method to light it, you can find that lighting a cigar is not that easy until you know the right method. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can cut the foot part off and light it effectively.

You are most likely to get a premium experience while smoking it, and it will be easy to flame the corner part. Make sure that you stay selective to avoid facing any problem with inhaling from cigar. We hope that this guide will help you get rid of all the common problems.

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