How to cut Cigar without a Cutter

Imagine, you are out of your home and someone hands you a cigar, you start to scan your pant pockets, but you did not get your cutter. Only a regular smoker understands the significance of cigar cutters in times of need. But what if you lost your cigar cutter? What if you forget to carry it with yourself? We have answers to all these questions. Do not worry, and we have collected some of the handy methods of clipping the cigar without using a cutter. Following are some alternative methods of cutting a cigar:

One of the best methods to cut a cigar without a cigar cutter is with the help of your thumbnail. Plus, it is also a highly efficient and easily available method. You just need to simply use the nail of your thumb to slacken a segment of the cigar cap and proceed around its boundary. As the cap of the cigar is a portion of the wrapper leaf, it is particularly narrow and can be removed without great effort. The remaining part of the can could simply peel-off. Keep in your mind that you need to perform the whole procedure smoothly.

  • Slicing method:

Everyone cannot cut the cigars using their thumbnails. If you are one of those people who are too hesitant to put their cuticles to work, you can simply use a sharp and good quality knife. All you have to do is to tenderly spin the head of the cigar against the edge of your knife, but without applying any too much pressure. You have to make sure that you place the edge of your knife above the line of the cap. You should not cut your cigar too deep otherwise, you will have a risk of getting the tobacco inside your mouth. You should also not chop or saw the head of your cigar. If you do so, then you will disturb the construction of your cigar, a cigar is made using a recipe of patiently accumulated tobacco.

If you doubt that you’ll not be able to cut the edge cleanly, then you may also make an ‘X’ in the cap using your knife. Gently, cut a horizontal line and then a vertical line, the vertical line should cross the horizontal one. The cut should be in such a way that the air can pass through it.

  • Cutting the cigar with a bite:

This method comes handy when a person is far away from the town, for instance, on an island for holidays and he forgets his cigar cutter at home. Such a person should slightly bite on the cap, and the cap may get separated from the cigar. One the cap gets loose, the rest of the cap can be easily peeled using fingertips.

  • Poking method:

Everyone does not carry the cigar cutter or piercer on the key rings; some simple items such as a paperclip, toothpick, Philips-head screwdriver or golf-tee can do the magic when someone is in an immediate requirement of a DIY cigar-piercer. You can even sharpen the end of a matchstick and use it as a cigar-piercer. The key of this poking method is to create an opening gently (without unraveling the end of a cigar or causing a crack in the wrapper). A slight quantity of force should be applied whilst inserting a sharp tip on the cigar cap.

  • Cutting the cigar via cigar punch:

As compared to the cigar cutter, the cigar punch forms a hole in the cigar cap, the created hole is big enough for the smoke to pass through it. The cigar punches are portable, work efficiently, and are easy to fit on a key chain. Most of the lighters come along with an in-built cigar punch. According to a few smokers, when a cigar punch is used, the draw becomes too light. Most people prefer using a cigar punch instead of a cigar cutter. In cigar punch, the blades are typically small, from 6mm to 8mm. One can place the punch blade over the cap and twist into it to create a hole.

Bottom Line:

We can conclude that if you do not have a cigar cutter then you do not need to worry as there are lots of alternatives available. Although cigar cutters should be preferred, one should also be aware of the above alternatives that can do the magic during the times of urgency. Most people like the idea of attaching the cigar punch on their keys, which can act as a backup solution. We hope you read our article and inform yourself. Be sure to follow theadvice provided by us.

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