Top 10 Best Cigar Lighter 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

Lighting a cigar and puffing it gives a mesmerizing feeling to all those who prefer cigars occasionally. Choosing a high-quality cigar, storing it effectively, and getting it on special days to take some puff to mean you want to get the flavor. A quality cigar is a bit moist and burns slowly for an astonishing experience every single time.

However, lighting a cigar effectively matters a lot to enhance your overall experience.The first-timer usually prefer cheap matches or plastic to light a cigar. Well, the flame isn’t enough, and it can flame a specific part of the cigar. It might affect the quality of cigar, and you are not going to enjoy it thoroughly.

Due to this, getting yourself a high-quality cigar lighter, which can torch the head part under seconds, will be a genuine choice. A cigar lighter should be capable of flaming it properly with a constant flow. Meanwhile, it must be capable of storing enough butane to light the number of cigars without any problem.

So far, most of the products have these features, but durability is the major concern that matters a lot during the selection of a reliable cigar. Considering the capacity and a few other essential factors will help. Still, you have to do lots of research. To help with the same, looking at necessary factors would be a better choice.

Best Cigar Lighter Reviews 2021

We are here to cover you as we made a list of top 10 cigar lighters. We are picking the best one based on usability, capacity, design, and convenience related factors. We are also looking at the size of flame so that you light a cigar instantly. There is no rushing during the purchase so let’s get started by checking our list –

#1. Zippo Lighter Inserts

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Zippo is definitely a leading and renowned name for the high-quality lighters since the establishment year, which is 1932. They are offering some intense range of high-quality lighters, and this is the reason that going with their USA made lighter series isn’t going to disappoint you during the purchase.

Here, Zippo Lighter Inserts is a torch lighter with a double torch option. It can easily flame your cigars under a few seconds, and you can have a quality experience. It has a capacity of 0.9g butane, which might be low, but it can adequately help you light more than 30 cigars in a row. Even way more than that as if you use this lighter effectively.

The design is way more impressive; it is very lightweight and slim enough to fit in your pockets easily. The only issue is, you have to buy butane fuel separately, which might increase the cost by a little, so you should stay selective during the purchase time. This method will definitely help you out.

Pros –

  • It is one of the lightweight and compact torches lighter.
  • Two powerful torches to get you enough flame for a cigar.
  • You can adjust the height of the flame by adjusting the screw.
  • It comes with one year of warranty.
  • You can get Zippo lighter cases separately for the same.

Cons –

  • The capacity of 0.9g might seem very low as compared to others.

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#2. Tripple Torch Cigar Lighter – with Built-in Cigar Punch

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If you want to style with affordable price, Tripple torch cigar would be a great choice from Mrs. Brog, one of the well-liked manufacturers of lighter. They have a remarkable history of manufacturing quality lighter, and this one is lying in the same category based on the build quality, design, and a number of advantages you are getting.

You can adjust the flame and make it a light number of cigars before getting out of juice. It also has a cigar punch so that you can get the added benefit when lighting a cigar. It is lightweight and made up of robust material to last you years without failing. It has an ergonomic design at the same time.

So, you will find that it is easy to carry and use. The only problem is, the butane tank empty up quite earlier due to having three flames. This thing can make you refuel this lighter quite earlier than usual. Otherwise, everything is positive about the deal and its price point for sure.

Pros –

  • It is going to last for years due to the use of robust material in manufacturing.
  • There is a small cigar punch to enhance your cigar lighting experience.
  • Three torch flame will help you light a cigar under a couple of seconds.
  • The style and design show the perfect blend of engineering in one place.

Cons –

  • The capacity of the tank will be a concern due to the three torch options.

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#3. USB Lighter X Beam Plasma Cigar Lighter

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Coming to our next choice might amaze you with the type and working because it is not a lighter which uses butane or any flammable fuel. Well, you can use lcfunUSB Lighter X Beam Plasma Lighter Flameless Rechargeable Electric Cigar Lighter to fulfill your specific needs effectively. This lighter has a number of advantages that you are going to like.

The first thing it is a rechargeable lighter, and when you press the button, it lights an arc that is used to light a cigar, cigarette, candles, and papers. This is the major reason behind the popularity, which can make you prefer the same. You need a USB cable to recharge the same, and it won’t be taking more than one hour for a full charge.

It is convenient to use and seems one of the safe choice considering that there is no flame to play with. The common issue you might feel that it take a couple of extra seconds, slightly lighting a cigar, but the convenient usability will ensure the best advantages so far. That’s why you can look after the same.

Pros –

  • There is a small light indicator to show the battery percentage.
  • It takes almost one hour for a complete charge, which enhances usability.
  • You can light a cigar, cigarettes, and other stuff using the hot arc at one end.
  • The build quality is up to the mark that you are going to like for sure.

Cons –

  • You might not find it effective to light the number of cigars at one time.

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#4. Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter

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Probably one of the most liked cigars lighter acclaimed as the best one by several websites and sources is Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter. You might be wondering that if all the sources are putting it at the apex, then why we aren’t? Well, our approach is to help you find products that are convenient to use, built to last long, and fulfills the need.

This product is definitely the leading one as you can light a cigar instantly using this burner style lighter. But, portability is the major issue. It is hard to carry, and no one would like to keep such unique sized lighter in the bag. On the other hand, it consumes extra butane than most of the other lighters, which can help you understand our concern.

It has a large tank for fuel, the build quality is up to the mark, and the features are ensuring a quality use. The design is unique, and most of the people will like to have it in their home. Even lighting a cigar is not going to take more than five seconds using this lighter. The rest of the things, you can understand from the looks.

Pros –

  • It seems like one of the reliable products based on price and features.
  • The capacity of this cigar lighter is good enough to fulfill the need.
  • The flames are strong enough to light a cigar under a couple of seconds.
  • The design and looks might be unique, but it fulfills the need effectively.

Cons –

  • It is a less convenient lighter to carry around for sure.

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#5. lcfun Torch Cigar Lighter

Icfun is a well-liked brand, and we are mentioning them for the second time, which can ensure the popularity and credibility here. This butane lighter set comes in two colors, and both of them look sturdy and up to the mark for prolonged use. You can torch cigars instantly using the same.

There is a single torch used with this product, and the build quality is up to the mark, which can ensure great durability. You can refill this lighter quite easily, which ensures safer usability so far. The plastic made a tank of this lighter is pseudo transparent so that you can check out the remaining fuel.

When the butane level is amid, going after refilling is a great choice but don’t refuel until the tank is empty. You can keep the flame on for a couple of minutes to empty it up, which will fulfill the need and provide all the great advantages so far. The affordability is the major advantage that you are going to like for sure.

Pros –

  • It is one of the affordably priced cigars lighter in this list.
  • You are getting twolighters for the price of one.
  • A transparent tank of lighter to know the remaining fuel level.
  • It is easy to refuel, and you can light a number of cigars using the same.

Cons –

  • Single torch means you might have to spend a light time lighting a cigar.

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#6. Cigar Cutter and Cigar Lighter Set

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One definite and most important thing for a cigar smoker is to use a cigar cutter for a fine experience. Instead of having a separated unit for your cigar, you can have a lighter, which has an in-built cigar cutter. Well, the seller named BS offering Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set for an affordable price.

The stylish looks and design are going to amaze you, but there is more than that. It has quite a large tank or capacity for fuel so that you can light so many cigars easily. It is easy to use, and fueling the tank is not going to take much time, which ensures better usability so far. The functionality is more important than the look, and you are getting that here.

You can adjust the flame as per your specific needs, which will provide the best advantages.  There is a small valve at the base that you can adjust and get your need fulfilled. This is the primary reason that you are going to love the purchase of this cigar lighter over the other ones.

Pros –

  • The design is quite reliable, up to the mark for sure.
  • The build quality ensures that you will get great durability.
  • It comes for an affordable price point.
  • You are getting a cigar cutter included with the lighter.

Cons –

  • The flame is not constant, which might be the major issue here.

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#7. RONXS Torch Lighter

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Probably the most eye-catchy design to get your attention and make you consider the purchase is RONXS Torch Lighter. It is such a beautiful lighter with compact size and a pen-like design. The lightweight design with impressive build quality ensures the best use so far here.

There are small but triple torches to get you the finest cigar lighting experience. It has a quality design, impressive build quality, a great number of features, and a sufficient tank for enough fuel. All these things, with a huge number of design-related tweaks, ensure that you get the best usability so far.

It can be refilled with butane, and you won’t have to spend much time, which ensures the best use so far. This lighter looks unique, easy to use, and better from all other options. The only issue is, you can’t find a light number of cigars using the same, which might be a major issue for a few people.

Pros –

  • It is one of the compact-sized lighter of choice.
  • It is easy to use, and you can refuel under a couple of seconds.
  • Built quality is quite genuine, and you can consider quite an adequate use.
  • Triple torches lighting options for effective usability so far.

Cons –

  • Tank capacity will be the major concern to many.

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#8. Q&G Double Arc Cigar Lighter

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A great looking cigar lighter which might trigger you toward the purchase is Q&G Arc Cigar Lighter. It is a battery-powered lighter that uses plasma arcs to light cigars, cigarettes, and such other stuff. This is the primary feature that you are going to love about this product so far, and it will fulfill the need effectively.

There are more than five different color options that will fulfill the need. It can be charged to full power under one hour, which will be an adequate choice, and it will fulfill the need in an effective manner. Even, there are water-proof variants also available in the same for better durability so far.

The only issue is, it doesn’t show any battery percentage, which can make you feel that it isn’t the perfect product of choice so far.

Pros –

  • It is one of the most durable products of choice so far.
  • It is very convenient and safe to use lighter considering that there is no flame.
  • It is comparatively the cheapest deal for such quality features.
  • Quite a powerful lighter with waterproof variant options.

Cons –

  • Battery capacity is a major concern, and it also causes the issue with durability.

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#9. iLevar Dual Arc Plasma Cigar Lighter

Plasma cigar lighters are getting into huge demand from the past several months, and there is no double that you are going to avoid the purchase considering the convenience. So, this leads us to our last second product, iLevarDual Arc Plasma Cigar Lighter. This is a high-quality cigar lighter with the battery percentage indicator.

It requires a USB cable to charge, and it takes less than one hour in complete charge, which will ensure the best quality used so far. Having all the features at one place with premium build quality ensures the best usability, and it is also water-proof with a flameless option, which will ensure higher safety so far.

The compact size and build quality is the primary feature that everyone loves about this product. It is very slim and lightweight to ensure the best usability so far. It is a less known brand so you might have to be selective to avoid facing any issue with the purchase.

Pros –

  • Effective to light more than 30 cigars in a single charge.
  • Build quality is up to the mark and ensures great durability.
  • It takes less than one hour in complete charge and fulfills the need.
  • It has a battery percentage indicator light option at the side part.

Cons –

  • The durability of the battery seems like a concern here.

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  1. lcfun USB Plasma Cigar Lighter

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The last product of choice is also a rechargeable flameless cigar lighter, but it is unique from others. Well, it is a lighter used by professionals during travel and trekking time because it has a small light on one side with high power. On another end, there is this lighter, which can help to light a fire during a picnic.

You can use this arc light to flame a cigar in an effective manner, which will fulfill your needs in an adequate manner. It comes for an affordable price point, which will give you the best usability so far. That’s why you can consider the purchase here. The only issue is, you aren’t getting any battery percentage indicator.

When it comes to light a cigar, it might seem slow, but it works perfectly. There are additive features also that you can consider during the purchase. You might have seen that we are putting this brand in this list for the third time so you can ensure a great credibility toward the brand for sure.

Pros –

  • It is a lightweight cigar lighter to fulfill the need.
  • The design is adequate and comes for an affordable price.
  • There is a small light at one end of the lighter for versatile usability.
  • Battery charge to full percentage in half-hour.

Cons –

  • There is no battery percentage indicator added to the same.
  • The capacity of the battery is a major concern here.

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A Buyer’s Guide – What You Need to Consider?

During the purchase, don’t get yourself amid due to the lack of knowledge about cigar lighters. It would be better to learn about the essential things and then to finalize the right product. The below given are five factors to look after –

  • Fuel Type

Primarily you have to know that you want a torch lighter or a plasma arc lighter. Both are reliable, easy to use, and fulfills the need in an effective manner here. There are no other types, but you can still find a few unique styles which aren’t worth considering.

  • Number of Torch

Keeping plasma lighter aside, you can find plenty of torches in butane lighter. Having two torches in a lighter mean the best usability so far, and it helps to light a cigar effectively.  Extra number of torch doesn’t mean the best usability because they are wasting the small amount of fuel available in the tank. You need to ensure that there aren’t more than three or four torch in a small sized lighter.

  • Capacity

Always get a cigar lighter, which can help to light more than ten cigars in a single go. Butane lighter has a capacity of 0.9g usually, but it can finish if there are three or four torches. Due to this, always check the capacity, and it also applies to the rechargeable lighter. You must know how much time is required to charge them.

  • Flame Adjustability

Being able to adjust the height of flame help you light a cigar effectively. You can also save enough fuel by choosing the lowest level, which will be an adequate choice so far. Having this feature ensure the best use so far and you will love that the same lighter become versatile and you can use for other purpose on low flame.

  • Compact and Lightweight

Buying a lightweight cigar lighter with a compact design will ensure the best usability so far. Most of the manufacturers offer cigar lighters weighing below 100g, and they are enough to provide the best usability. Meanwhile, you can check reviews to ensure the durability regarding these factors. This will help you save money as well as time with ease.


All the products mentioned in our list are effective to use, and they provide the best usability. Make sure that you consider a reputed brand with the premium build quality and a large tank for the best purchase. Make sure that compact size and lightweight design plays an important role so you don’t miss that factor.

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