5 Easy Tips & Tricks To Store Cigars Without A Humidor

Smoking cigars on occasion to making it hobby of storing cigar, most of the men feel enchanted with the experience. Lighting a cigar and having small puffs with a glass of wine gives a royal feel so far. Most men use the humidor to store cigars, and if you are also an aficionado of storing cigars, then you can follow the same method.

But, if you want to avoid the use of a humidor, then you can look after alternatives to store cigars. The only thing is, you need to choose an adequate method, and it will make you a master of storing cigars properly. Make sure that you get all the necessary stuff, and then, it will be an easy choice.

Easy Tips & Tricks To Store Cigars Without A Humidor

  1. Ziploc Disposable Bag

To keep your cigars moist and away from most of the common issues related to moisture and freshness. To maintain the high quality, you can consider the environment humidity in your area, and if it near the level of a cigar’s requirement, then you can place your cigars in Ziploc bag.

To add a little moisture inside the bag, you can use a wet sponge. This method will provide an effective range of advantages, and it can ensure higher safety so far. You need to squeeze the sponge to remove the excess of water and making it just a moist sponge, not more than that. This gives you an effective storing option.

Place your cigars inside the bag and then add a small piece of sponge at the corner of the bag. Make sure that you seal it properly so that no additional moisture goes inside. It will prevent freshness and give you the best quality taste. Place this Ziploc bag in a cool and dry place for better advantages.

  1. Cigar in a Jar

The second widely preferred cigar hack is to keep them in a jar. You need a transparent jar to begin, and you can find so many advantages of the same. Jars are sturdy, so chances of breaking your cigars by mistake reduce. You also need a sponge for moisture, a little piece of plastic, and cigars.

To keep your cigars fresh for almost ten days, preferring a jar seems better, highly reliable, and such a convenient option so far. You need to place the jar and add water inside. Dip a sponge in it and let it get moist. Once it has absorbed the water, you can add plastic sheets to get started with the use.

  1. Cigar in Cooler

A mini drinks cooler seems the perfect choice during a trip. But it can be the most reliable choice to store your cigars. You can add a little water, damp a sponge, remove the access of water, and then you are good to go. Placing the cigar on a tray or at little height will be the right choice.

Now, close the lid and store this jar in a dark place. Make sure that you choose a cold place to ensure quality results.

  1. Use Moisture Beads

Have you ever heard of moisture beads that get large in size by absorbing water or moisture? Well, these small balls are perfect to balance a humid environment inside a locked jar. You can follow the same procedure that we mentioned in the second step. You need a jar, a few balls, a piece of plastic and your cigars.

  1. Using a Box or Wrapper

The last option might be using a box or wrapper. You need a normal box to place down cigars. Adding Spanish plank cedar will be effective in maintaining the humid environment. Once you have placed everything, you need to store it in a cool place.

Make sure that you keep adding a few drops of water on cedar. This will help to maintain the freshness. The flavor also stays the same.

Bottom Line

By following these methods, you can eradicate problems related to storing a cigar. All you need is proper isolation of cigars in a bag or container with a slightly damp environment. If you are able to do it successfully, you can get the best results and maintain the freshness for a couple of weeks by this method.

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